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Americans are dissatisfied with their home decor. According to one statistic, just one out of five Americans (20%) are satisfied with their home decor. And a HomeGoods survey found that 47% of Americans have not updated their decor in five years. This in spite of 80% being unhappy with their home decor.

Many Americans think about renovating their home as part of an opportunity to later resell that home for more riches, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. The interest in home selling has risen in recent years as a result of the slow growth and rebound of the housing market, due to the housing bubble crash in 2007.

The return on investment for home renovations varies according to time and situation. There is a certain amount of time that is placed on home do-it-yourself projects and a certain amount of money that goes into the beginning materials as well. A person would need paint brushes, paint rollers, and paint to paint a room.

There are different projects a person can do to renovate a home. That includes working with the home decor. There’s painting to be done, of rooms, of hallways, of kitchens, of bathrooms. There’s flooring to be laid, including hardwood floors in the living room, tile in the kitchen, vinyl and carpet in the bedrooms, and tile in the bathroom.

There are cabinets that need to be fixed. There is wood that needs to be redone. There are landscaping opportunities, which provide some of the best return on investments compared to other projects, though it takes time and takes assets if someone is to be hired. There are many opportunities for renovating available to individuals.

Painting is one of the types of renovations that has statistics associated with it. Some statistics about paint share the amount of time it takes paint to dry. Other statistics show how many assets it takes to come up with a good paint job. Others talk about the color that is babies can see. They are in the following section.

  • Most latex-based paints will be dry to the touch within one hour; it will be ready for a recoat in four hours.
  • Most oil-based paints will be dry to the touch in six to eight hours; it will be ready for a recoat in 24 hours.
  • Even very young children can identify shapes and colors in their surroundings. Babies develop color and depth perception at five months of age.

It is possible to do a paint job in a few days, though it takes work and sometimes multiple individuals to paint. There are steps needed to be taken if someone is to have a uniform and a paint job that is free from stains and mismatched color. Those steps include the need to lay down tape around the edges to make sure the color doesn’t bleed over.

Another step is to make sure the tape covers the ceiling so that the color doesn’t get on the ceiling. Another step is to get a can that is full paint and a can that is full primer. Some hardware stores mix the two for economical reasons so that one layer can be put on the wall without have to do both primer and paint.

After the paint job is completed, the person can turn to the decor to spice up the room and add a little character to the room. The person can add decals, like the wall decal of birch trees, or paintings or other artwork, such as black and white artwork. The person who adds a wall decal of birch trees has a different representation on the wall.

The wall decal of birch trees is a clear image of birch trees set up on the wall to give the impression of a set of trees that is indoors. The wall decal of birch trees, or the tree stencil, or the tree decals for nursery, give a comforting image to those who enjoy the presence of naturalistic images.

Birch tree decals and the birch tree stencil are both home decor that some people can be satisfied with. They can be good additions to a home that bring together people who love naturalistic images. They are good for many homes and many people.

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