Pool Issues and You What’s Important

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There is no doubt that people in America love large bodies of water. Not only do people love to drink water, they love to bathe in it, and they even love to swim and have fun with huge pieces of water. Now, it is important to note that people will like different bodies of water and so much of this will depend on just exactly where you live and what kind of bodies of water you live by.

Understand that like many things in life, the type of water you live by will be very circumstantial to your location in terms of climate and geographical location. For many people, they may live in areas that are near very dry and hot locations in which there may not be a lot of bodies of water. For others, however, they may live in areas like Michigan that contain multiple lakes and other large bodies of water, or they may live near the ocean.

Now that we have established this as the parameters, let us dive into talking about the people who do not live near natural bodies of water. For these people, there is an option that is not natural but is still quite enjoyable. This option is none other than buying and installing a pool in their backyard. This pool will allow them to enjoy swimming and water the same way someone would live near a natural body of water.

Now, this may sound perfect, but like many things, there are going to be pool issues that come up at some point for you if you own a pool. Let us get into the many different pool issues that you may come across when you move forward with buying a pool and putting it in your backyard.

Keeping Your Pool Clean

As mentioned before, people really love water. As a matter of fact, there are more than 400 million visitors at aquatic venues such as public pools, hot tubs, beaches, and fresh natural bodies of water. If you own a pool then chances are you are in good health become of the physical activity that comes with being in a pool. Blood flow to the heart is increased by about 33% when people enter water.

In the year of 2015, there were 21.23 people in the United States living in a house that had a pool. These people have many things they must take care of in terms of their pool issues. These can include pool pump repair, acid washing a pool, and making sure they maintain it when in use. Experts in the pool industry released information stating that the chemicals needed for a traditional chlorine pool can cost anywhere between $25 and $40 each month.

Cleaning A Pool Yourself Or Hiring a Pool Cleaning Service

Now that you understand pool maintenance is one of the many pool issues you can face, let us discuss the options of dealing with said pool issues. It may work best to hire a pool contractor or pool cleaning services to help you with your pool issues. In 2015, there were about 5.1 million in ground based pools in America.

Experts recommend that people clean their pools at least once a week during the season of swimming. This can be tedious and when coupled with facts like pools needing a pH between 7.4 and 7.6, many people will default to a service company helping them with pool issues. This is especially so once you get into salt water pools which are quite different.

In the year of 2016, there were not only 1.4 million saltwater pools around the world, but 75% of all new in ground pools were salt water pools. That number that increased in 2002 by 15% and in 2007 it increased by 75%. A 20,000-gallon saltwater pool will need 530 pounds of salt when it is first filled in. The salt water pool will need a salt concentration between 3,000 and 5,000 ppm of salt.

In Conclusion

Dealing with pool issues is not easy and for some, it can be quite the chore. Make sure you hire a service company if you want your pool issues taken care of.

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