How to Choose the Right Light Fixtures for Your Kitchen Remodel

One of the most impactful upgrades a homeowner can make to any room of their home is the lighting. Changing the bulbs and fixtures can change the lighting in a room which can greatly impact the ambiance of that space. Finding lighting stores to buy from is an important part of the process and can affect how you end up redesigning any room in your home. Of all the rooms in the home, the bathroom is one of the most popular when it comes to innovative lighting upgrades.

You can find a range of traditional and modern light fixtures online or at brick and mortar shops. Everything from bathroom accent lighting to bathroom hanging lamps can be found and installed with the help of interior design experts or renovation contractors. There is so much you can do with bathroom lighting and small changes can make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the bathroom space.

Whether you are looking for something very specific like bathroom hanging pendant lighting or are simply needing some basic lighting and bathroom light accessories, there are options out there. Simply locate the local lighting shop or check online to see what is available.

Modern recessed lighting

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? There are so many different home decor projects to take on when you want to renovate a specific room in your house. With the kitchen, there are quite a few different areas you could start with. One thing your kitchen absolutely can?t do without is good lighting. The right type of lighting in any room can make it or break it. If the lighting isn?t right, the entire feel of the room will feel off and people won?t enjoy spending as much time in that room. So, make sure you spend a good deal of time and focus on researching high end lighting options for your kitchen remodel.

Interested in learning more about the right type of designer lighting for your kitchen renovation project? Keep reading for more information about all the different types of lighting for projects in your house from bowery lights to chandeliers.

Basics of Lighting for Home Interiors

Before you start renovating your home, you need to make sure you do your research so you can make the best choices. When it comes to lighting specifically, there are a few options for the interior of your home. The first type of lighting to consider is ambient lighting. The second type of lighting you may need in your home is task lighting. The third type of lighting to consider is accent lighting. Each of these serves a different purpose and may fit better in one room over another depending on the style you are going for in each room.

When it comes to your kitchen, any and all of these types of lighting could be useful. Depending on the area in your kitchen, ambient lighting may work better or task lighting may be better suited. From the cabinets, to over the stove, to near the table, different lighting will be needed.

Kitchen Lighting Information to Consider Before Renovation

Kitchen remodeling projects are some of the most popular home renovations that homeowners take on. When considering the lighting in your kitchen, there was a study done by U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends in 2017 that provided information about how popular it is to upgrade kitchen lights like bowery lights and which types of kitchen lighting upgrades are most popular. More than 80% of homeowners wanted to upgrade their kitchen lights when they decided to remodel their kitchen. The most popular project with lights was installing undercabinet lights. Next in popularity was adding recessed lights somewhere in the kitchen. Coming in third place was adding pendant lights or bowery lights throughout the kitchen.

If you are hoping to add some lights near your dining room or kitchen table, experts say that the table should always remain the brightest spot in the room. One way to help keep your kitchen or dining room table as the spotlight of the room is to add a light directly above it. You can choose to add something like a chandelier or a pendant directly above the dining room table to ensure that it remains the brightest spot.

Consider the bulbs you use, though. No matter if it?s a chandelier or bowery lights, you want to keep the wattage under 100. It?s important to consider that lights throughout your home can increase your energy bill. Generally speaking, lights take up around 7% to 10% of energy that is used throughout the home. The more lights, the higher your energy bill. One way to help keep your energy bill down is by using fluorescent light bulbs. Replace all your incandescent or halogen bulbs with fluorescent bulbs since they are five times more energy-efficient.

Another thing to consider is making sure that if you do hang pendant lights, they are around 36 to 48 inches above any counter space. You don?t want these bulbs hanging too low or too high as that could throw off the ambiance of the room.

What types of lights do you think you will add to your kitchen during your renovation project? Are you more interested in pendant lights or bowery lights? Let us know in the comments about your experience finding designer lighting brands or lighting companies to help with your remodel.

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