3 Lighting Tips To Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Shine

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An outdoor kitchen can be an awesome addition to any space. Whether you like to grill for friends on holidays or want to enjoy a quality family meal on a warm summer night, having a second full kitchen out on your patio can make it a whole lot easier (and more fun). But you won’t get nearly as much use out of your outdoor kitchen or cook everything to perfection if you aren’t able to see clearly during the evening. That’s where your outdoor patio lighting comes in. However, an outdoor kitchen has specific lighting needs that may not be adequately addressed by your standard outdoor patio lighting techniques. These outdoor lighting tips for outdoor kitchens will make sure you aren’t left in the dark.

  1. Use under-countertop lighting
    It might not be a necessity for the kitchen inside your home, but the one that’s outside might need some under-countertop lighting. This type of lighting will allow you to easily locate drawers, cabinet doors, wine or mini-fridges, appliances, and tools with ease. It also provides a pleasing glow that can add to the overall ambiance of the space. You can even use it at the bar or in other seating areas to make sure your guests can locate their chairs and won’t bump their knees.
  2. Light up the grill
    Undoubtedly, one of the most important areas that needs high-quality outdoor patio lighting is your grill and/or stove. You need to be able to tell whether a piece of meat is cooked properly without running inside. An overdone burger is never a welcome sight on the plate. Having proper lighting above the grill will help you impress your friends and family. It can also help you maintain your grill properly and keep you safe from any injuries you might sustain due to a lack of visibility in areas of high heat.
  3. Play with style and color
    Not all outdoor kitchens look the same, so there’s no reason your outdoor patio lighting should be basic and boring, either. Feel free to express your personal style and have fun with the lighting you choose. From charming farmhouse fixtures to sleek, contemporary lights, there’ll be no shortage of options to choose from. You can even incorporate color-changing LED lighting in certain spots to create a party-ready atmosphere. Make sure you work with a lighting design company that understands your aesthetic and can create something special just for you.

Having an outdoor kitchen can make your home the ultimate destination for unforgettable get-togethers. But before you fire up the grill, make sure you have the right lighting for all your needs. Not only will you be better able to fix a fabulous meal, but you’ll also be able to cultivate an inviting environment for everyone to enjoy.

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