Choosing the Right Lighting for Each Room

Lightolier fixtures

A homeowner often wants every room to be just right. Lighting is sometimes a forgotten concern when remodeling is being done. However, lighting renovations can often provide some of the largest improvements during a renovation. Choosing the right lighting solutions will depend upon the room you are upgrading. Here is a detailed guide of which lighting is best for the rooms in your home.

  • Bathroom: A Room Where Ambient is Great One important thing to watch out for is those pesky shadows. Having any shadow areas, especially where you get ready, should be fixed. You will want bathroom light to be evenly distributed. Having light shine down on one angle is similar to taking a selfie by holding the phone at a bad angle.

    Modern recessed lighting is a popular choice for bathrooms. A popular design type for bathrooms is often an ambient look commonly seen with George Kovacs bathroom lighting. A recent study by Houzz found that 50 percent of homeowners upgrading their bathrooms chose recessed lighting.

  • Kitchen: A Room Offering Much Freedom In many cases, a kitchen will be larger than most bathrooms. Therefore, a larger amount of lights is often needed in the kitchen. Lightolier fixtures are often seen in kitchens across the nation. These fixtures can be connected to dimmers which allow for maximum lighting control. Certain events will call for light settings to be either brightened or dimmed. A brightly lit kitchen is often a popular lighting choice.

    Research by Houzz found that 84 percent of homeowners planning a kitchen renovation will upgrade current light fixtures. The same study found that 70 percent those upgrading their kitchen were going to choose recessed lighting. In addition, 58 percent of those surveyed chose pendant lights. Lightolier fixtures are a great way to receive a quick kitchen upgrade.

  • Bedroom: Finding the Right Balance is Essential The right bedroom lighting will depend on the size of the room itself. A large bedroom may end up too darkened by a traditional lighting solution. On the other hand, smaller bedrooms will become too bright if large chandeliers are used.

    Lightolier fixtures could be utilized in a bedroom, often to highlight a wall of importance. Bedside lighting is extremely important in this room. You will want to have lighting that works well for bedtime reading but isn?t too bright as to become distracting. One simple way to adjust the light hue in a bedroom is with lampshades. For example, a blue lampshade will help reflect a bluish hue to the light in a bedroom.

  • Living Room: A Great Place to Include a Lamp George Kovac lighting provides light that doesn?t distract from the room itself. Homes wanting a modern look will enjoy George Kovac light fixtures. Homes opting for a more traditional look may utilize a Hunter Kensington ceiling fan. Living rooms work well to have a balance of both ambient and well lit areas.

    These fan designs ensure your home has a traditional feel that makes guests feel right at home. In addition, Hunter Kensington ceiling fans provide ample light for all living room activities. Pairing a corner chair with George Kovac lighting makes for a great reading nook. Lightolier fixtures are often a popular choice to highlight a nearby fireplace.

  • In closing, choosing the right lighting will vary by each room in your home. A bathroom is often a room where more ambient lighting is needed. This room is a very private one where guests may not want to be well lit. Vanity lights will need to be evenly lit. An unevenly lit bathroom mirror area could result in odd shadows. Considering the bathroom mirror is where many get ready, you will want accurate lighting. The kitchen is an area where homeowners have more freedom in their lighting choices. A bedroom may require a softer light. A reading corner is often the perfect place for a nice accent lamp. Following the previously mentioned tips will ensure your house is lit perfectly.

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