3 Reasons You Should Hire A Cleaning Service During College Moving Day

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Being a college student can be tough. You have a ton on your plate with finals, student loans, working a part-time job, and also keeping up some form of social life. You are still in school but semi-adulting, which means you’re learning the ropes when it comes to important life skills like budgeting, buying your own groceries, worrying about your own apartment, and doing our own laundry. One of the biggest skills you’ll learn, though, it how to maintain your living space.

Part of maintaining your apartment if fixing things that might break, making sure there is food in the fridge, and getting your rent in on time. However, another aspect of maintaining your apartment is keeping it clean. Failing to do this can result in a space that not only filled with bacteria but could attract pests.

Here are three reasons why a college student might want to think about hiring a cleaning service.

1. You can have more time to study

If you have a big test coming up and four projects to add on top of it, chances are you’re not thinking about your dirty carpet. You’re probably not thinking about window cleaning or its importance because you’ve got your nose stuck in your book for biology. Cue house cleaning services! While you are studying for your test and trying to get your paper down upstairs or in another room, you can let someone else or a team of people deep clean your apartment or house while you focus on what’s important to you in that moment: getting your work done and passing that test!

2. You won’t run the risk of getting sick

If you have a desk set up where you come from class and do homework on, it might gross you out to know that it’s actually full of bacteria! A desk has about 100 times more germs that a kitchen table, and to make things worse, a keyboard, chair, and computer mouse can have about 21,000 germs per square inch. Gross! Having a cleaning service come in and take care of carpet and window cleaning, and deep cleaning the rest of your home and apartment can keep germs at bay. Americans as a whole spend about $5 billion annually just on medicine and doctor’s visit for colds. Don’t fall into this trap! A cleaning service can help keep you healthy while you’re in school.

3. It can help a lot on moving day

A cleaning service can help with carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and other aspects of move out cleaning for when college students are moving out of dorms or apartments and need help making it look as good as when they fist moved in! While you’re worrying about getting all of the other elements out of your dorm or apartment, pass off the cleaning responsibility to trained professionals that can have it looking amazing in no time.

Convinced yet? Comment with your advice about how to keep an apartment clean during your college years!

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