Switch to Cable (Railing Systems)

Cable deck railing

When deciding on how to upgrade your home, not many people think about their railings. It’s easy to overlook something we see and use everyday. However, choosing to upgrade to a cable railing system on your deck can make a huge different on the resale value and maintenance of your home.

The View

Wood and glass seem to be one of the easiest things to choose when upgrading your deck. However, both have the potential to obstruct your view from your deck. Wood paneling blocks your vision of the whole picture and glass can become cloudy and scratched. A Cable deck railing offers the same amount of protection as glass does, without sacrificing your view.

The Variation

Most might be reluctant to change to a wire railing, because they believe it will look unappealing on their deck. In fact, wire deck railings can fit in to all manner of homes, from a modern and sleek look to a more homey and old-fashioned look. Either way, it will ensure your home retains it’s own unique style.

The Long Run

Unlike glass or wood, cable rail systems are incredibly strong and require minimal maintenance. Most are made of stainless steel, which is is able to stand up against corrosion and various types of weather. They are incredibly strong and able to hold up for many, many years, saving you money on repairs glass or wood would present.

The Safety

Because these cable railing systems are so strong, they offer much more safety than other types of rails. They won’t crack, like glass or wood might and offer a strong and sturdy protection is children or pets lean on them.

The Installation

A cable handrail is infinitely easier to install than traditional glass and wood, which can take up so much more time in cutting and measuring alone. It’s easy to do, even for those unfamiliar with it, and takes about half the time than any other railing component does.

The Value

Any amount of upgrading you can do to your home can drastically increase it’s resell value. Whether on a deck or on the interior, a cable railing systems can improve your chances on resale of your home by a huge margin.

At the end of the day, the benefits of a cable railing system are clear to anyone. The cost and time saved alone is enough to make any home improvement job a breeze. And you may even find some of your dedicated time returned to you in the form of a better resale value of your home.

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