Types of Cranes and How Ground Protection Mats Can Make Them Safer

Ground protection mat

No matter the job, crane safety is always something that should be at the forefront of your thoughts. However, no two cranes or jobs are exactly alike, which means that they will need their own form of safety.
Despite that, there are a few safety measures that all types of cranes have in common. Outrigger pads and ground protection mats are among the most used, and for good reason. Here’s how tools like ground protection mats and crane pads can help enhance the safety of different types of cranes.
Mobile Cranes
Mobile cranes are usually a crane-like structure mounted on a moving platform or vehicle that makes transportation much easier. Ground protection mats are essential for this type of crane, as the wheels allow it to move freely over terrain.
Tower Crane
This is a stationary type of crane that operates with one long beam horizontally attached to a vertical base. Outrigger pads are incredibly important to this type of crane, as it must be level and stable wherever it happens to sit. In fact, this type of crane is typically anchored to the ground.
Truck Mounted Crane
A crane mounted on a truck is definitely the more mobile of any crane. The truck acts as a stabilizing force for the crane, offering traction and mobility where many other cranes might not be able to venture. However, ground protection is essential when using a truck mounted crane, as the tires can be extremely heavy and inflict a fair amount of damage on any terrain.
Rough Terrain Crane
While this type of crane is designed to tackle rough terrain, ground pads could still be a great idea. They are a particularly good thing to have around if the terrain is rough, but soggy or soft. Traction is especially important for mobile cranes, and crane pads can offer just the type of traction a mobile crane might need to get moving safely.
Crane safety is incredibly important, and so is the safety of the terrain a crane is moving on. If you want to protect the terrain and your heavy equipment, crane pads are the way to do it.

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