Preventing Damaging and Expensive Home Plumbing Problems

Drain cleaning

Owning a home can be a dream, but it also involves a lot of work. When you own a home, you are responsible for all of its needed repairs and maintenance. If the basement floods, you are responsible for the cleaning and for repairing the water damage. If the oven breaks, you must call a professional to fix it. If the plumbing system becomes clogged, you must unclog it, or call a professional plumber to provide rooter service. The plumbing is an important part of any home, but it is also prone to problems. When a plumbing problem occurs, the home can become flooded or the toilets and sinks can become clogged.

Unclogging a toilet or a sink is one of the minimal repairs that a homeowner can do. The process simply involves pouring some type of unclogging liquid into the toilet or drain, and then flushing. A plunger may also be needed to unclog items that are on the surface. These plumbing materials can be easily purchased at a local home improvement store. In fact, most homes have a plunger right next to their bathroom?s toilet for ease of use. Even a guest who clogs a friend?s toilet is expected to plunge the area.

Sometimes the plumbing problem requires additional plumbing work. The plunger and liquid may not be enough to fix the problem. It is possible that the clog occurs further down the drain or piping. The liquid, over time, can help break down the clog. However, if the clog is so bad that it will not properly drain, it may cause further damage to wait and see if it does. A rooter service may be needed immediately to unclog the problem down the line.

A rooter service or professional plumber may also be needed when the drain is clogged. Although some liquid products can clear out clogs, making them easier to drain, this is not always the case. It can also be more difficult to see down the drain, as the drain is smaller and more compact. A professional clogged drain service may be needed. The most common cause for a clogged drain is excess hair or products that were dropped into the sink. A rooter service can also be helpful in clogged drains.

In some plumbing cases, a rooter service may not even be enough. Some clogged toilets may be the result of a much bigger plumbing problem. The sewer line may be broken or rusted, either underground or underneath the yard where it drains. These drains cannot be emptied without digging up the ground. This is especially troublesome when the clogged area is underneath the home. The home may need to be digged into, which can get very expensive. A sewer line repairs may also sometimes turn into an entire sewer line replacement.

Many older homes may be equipped with older pipes and plumbing systems that are rusted. When the rusting occurs, it blocks the drains, causing flooding and sewage backups. Drain cleaning services become pointless, as the water has nowhere to drain to. Other plumbing problems can also occur, such as tree roots growing into the piping. This may be fixed with a rooter service, but may also require a replacement of all of the plumbing system.

There is a lot involved with owning a home. When you own a home, you are required to complete preventative maintenance tasks, such as regularly plunging and unclogging drains. You should also have your plumbing system regularly inspected, to prevent expensive and damaging clogs. A clogged sewer system can be the result of many causes. If the clog is at the main level, it can be cleaned and plunged. If the clog is a little further down the line, a rooter service may be needed. If the clog is at the end of the plumbing line, a full replacement and digging up of the land and the home may be needed.

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