6 Ideas for Window Treatments for Difficult and Unique Windows

Window treatments are one of the best ways to minimize the amount of light entering the window. The blinds are attached to the main window frame. They come in different materials, including wood, metal, wood, and plastic. Widow treatments improve the safety of the house, especially during strong winds. If you have peaky neighbors, you can put window treatments for privacy. Most offices use Venetian blinds to close up the office after work. Also, when in your office, it helps you with privacy and lets you see if your employees are still working. If your front door is glass made, you may want to prevent people from seeing you while inside the house, especially at night. Also, you can try some vertical blinds for window above front door.

The best thing about blinds is that some are easy to install, and you can do them yourself. Blinds made to order online make it easy for customers to buy them wherever they are. Some are easy to install and may come with a manual. When choosing the blinds for your windows, consider your interior decorations. Beige window treatments are the most common blind ideas for bedroom windows. You can always choose neutral colors such as grey, ivory, tan, and pistachio.

Vinyl windows

Windows come in all shapes and sizes. Some have such peculiar or unique shapes that it can be difficult to come with window treatments or coverings that work for them. From ceiling windows to circle windows or bow windows, there are several types of custom windows available. However, if you are going to have unique windows like these then you are going to have to have your coverings custom made. Here are a few ideas to help you get thinking:

Windows in Doors
If you have a door that has a built in window, this can look very nice but it’s also a little difficult. You want to welcome in the natural light but you need to be able to enclose the viewing from the outside but allows the homeowner to enjoy the window still. You could forego curtains all together and go with tint which would allow you to see outside but no one to see in.

Sky Lights
Flat roofs work well with these lights and they usually seem like a great idea because the let the light in from above and it will fill the room but if you have a sky light in your bedroom, this eliminates any change of sleeping in when you have a day off. It is also difficult to reach. Your best bet for this type of window is to install a set a blinds that can be controlled by a remote controller. This way you can open and close them from anywhere in the room. If you close them the night before you want to sleep in, you’ll have no trouble in the morning.

Bow Windows
Bow windows are usually very large windows in big homes that bend outwards. The difficulty here is that you want to make use of the extra space in that circular area of the room but finding blinds that bend outwards can prove difficult. A good idea for bow windows is to buy a rounded curtain rod. Shower rods often have these options if you can find them in the right size. This way you can still hang curtains without losing that extra space in front of the bow window.

Slider Windows
Its difficult to figure out how to cover a window that slides to the other side to open. The best recommendation here is to buy vertical blinds and hang them from the wall above the window. Make sure that you buy them long enough to reach the bottom of the window. This way, you can slide open the blinds and the window in the same direction. You don’t actually even have to open the blinds entirely. If you use the twisting rod at the side, you can slant them to let the light in and still be able to reach in and open the window without the trouble that horizontal blinds would give you.

Stained Glass Windows
You never want to cover up a stained glass window. They are so beautiful and the colors that the sun brings in to the house should be celebrated. The best kind of window treatment for this if you feel that you even need one is a top treatment. This will emphasize the window without covering it entirely. If you do want to install something to cover it during the night time, you could use horizontal blinds that pull all the way up and can hide under the top treatment during the day.

Sliding Door Windows
You can add in french doors and a sliding glass door to this category. For a french door, you could have the blinds or curtains attached directly to the door but for anything that slides, you’ll need to hang them above the window or door. Depending on the size, you may find that you have to get a custom made curtain or blind set for this because they only come in standard sizes.

Curtains and windows can really make a big difference to your home. They determine that decor and the amount of light that is let in which is really what sets the tone. Make sure that your window treatments say what you want them to about your personality, your family and your home.

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