Bathroom Remodeling A Few Tips To Remember

Updated 5/25/22

Bathrooms are often a popular choice among homeowners for a remodeling project for a couple of reasons. They are usually smaller in size than other rooms in the house and are, as a result, less complicated. The average cost of remodeling a bathroom per square foot is also not as high as for other rooms, making it easy for homeowners to shoulder the cost

Before starting a bathroom remodel, homeowners should consult with experienced building contractors, interior designers, and other family members to establish which fixtures and finishes are necessary. During a bathroom remodel, the tub and bathroom cabinet, as well as shower curtains or dividers, are commonly touched. It’s critical to keep note of which aspects of the old bathroom that need to be¬†retained due to sentimental significance and which ones¬†should be modernized.

Magazines and renovation websites are excellent sources of bathroom restoration ideas. It’s critical to consult a contractor before deciding on a remodeling plan in order to create a budget. A skilled contractor can frequently assist in the creation of a budget that estimates the average cost to fit a bathroom with desired features and the average cost to remodel a bathroom shower.

Home remodeling ideas

A bathroom is, for many people, more than just a practicality. The design of your bathroom is both about practical elements — like efficiency and energy use — and personal details. You don’t want a bathroom that doesn’t reflect your personality and fit into the design of the rest of your home. At the same time, you want your bathroom to be up to date, stylish, and complete with the best possible appliances. As such, it’s no surprise that many Americans engage in bathroom remodeling projects each year. Bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular remodeling projects out there, with many companies offering specific bathroom remodeling services. However, remodeling your bathroom is about more than just deciding to embark on a renovation. There are many different factors to consider. For example, which bathroom remodeling company is right for you? What do you want your new bathroom to look like? And for that matter, are you looking into a remodeling job solely for you, or for potential buyers down the road as well? It’s very important that you think long and hard about details like these before you begin remodeling — that way, you’ll have the best possible results.

Saving Money Through Remodeling

We can’t blame you if you associate remodeling projects with spending money versus making it. But as surprising as it may seem, you can actually save money through updating your bathroom. This is because a lot of money can easily be lost through inefficient bathrooms. A recent Houzz survey revealed that 91% of those surveyed planned on installing energy efficient toilets during their bathroom remodels. Inefficient toilets can lead to a lot of water lost unnecessarily, and most will not be aware of this loss of water until it shows up on their bills. Of course, that’s not the only way that bathrooms can be inefficient. Even the most seemingly-minor of leaks can lead to a lot of money lost. Only 10 drips of water per minute through a showerhead can lead to 500 gallons of water lost per year. This water could be used to wash 60 loads of dishes in the dishwasher. A leaky faucet dripping at one drip per second, on the other hand, could equal 10,000 gallons of water lost per year — or 180 showers! Fixing these simple household leaks can lead to you saving 10% on your water bills. As such, bathroom remodels aren’t simply indulgent — they’re also practical. And they can be cost-effective in more ways than just these.

Getting A Return On Your Investment Through Bathroom Remodels

Remodeling your bathroom can have a remarkable effect on the value of your home. Bathrooms are very much a concern for potential homebuyers. And yes, even if you don’t see yourself moving in the near future, you should take into account what your home will sell for. Ideally, you want to at least break even when selling your home. But ideally, you’ll make a profit when selling your home. A great way of doing this is by adding a bathroom to your home — not just remodeling. It’s estimated that bathroom additions add a return on your investment of 86.4%. Of course, if you aren’t up for adding a completely new bathroom, you can still make a great return on your initial investment by remodeling your bathroom. If you plan on selling soon, try to keep your bathroom as neutral as possible. Therefore, the buyers will see the house you’re selling as less of a potential project, and more of a move-in ready home.

Staying True To Yourself Through Bathroom Remodels

Remodeling your bathroom is about practicality, yes. And yes, it’s an investment. But at the end of the day, remember to stay true to your style and taste. No matter who may buy your home in the future, it’s yours now. You want it to look like your home, and you want to be comfortable within it. So remember: have fun with it!

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