What to Expect From Your Applicances A Rough Service Schedule

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Machines by definition are tools that use multiple parts powered by energy to perform a certain task. Simple machines like pulleys, screws, and levers use the kinetic energy of a user to make their intended tasks easier; more complex machines utilize electricity or some other power source to perform a more complex task such as keeping food cold, washing clothing, or cooking food. Due to the complexity of these machines, it is expected that they will break at some point, requiring maintenance, repair, and replacement eventually. Here is the service schedule that you can expect on four of the home’s most essential appliances.

Stove and Oven Repairs and Replacement

Depending on how often you use a stove and oven range, you may be able to get a varied service life out of it. By some estimates, the average gas over range ought to last for 15 years before it requires replacing. An electric stovetop is expected to last around 13 years on average before the owners need consider replacement. Due to the potential as an ignition source, it is recommended that homeowners have their oven and stovetop serviced every year to ensure that lines remain secure and safe.

Refrigerator Repairs and Replacement

A refrigerator is a handy replacement for the outdated icebox to help prevent food spoilage and to keep food fresh. Modern refrigerators are estimated to last around 13 years before the homeowner need worry about replacement. Homeowners ought to keep an eye out for increases in internal temperature; regular maintenance is required to ensure that you or your family will not get sick from food spoilage caused by warm refrigerators. Studies show that 36% of side-by-side refrigerators break and require repair within three to four years while 28% of top-to-bottom refrigerators break within that time.

Washer and Dryer Repairs and Replacement

Washers and dyers work in conjunction to keep our clothes clean and fresh, there are even a number of modern models that combine the function of a washer and dryer into a single unit. A washing machine is only estimated to last around 10 years or so before the homeowner should consider buying a replacement; a dryer will last up to 13 years or so however. One out of four washing machine repairs takes place within three to four years of the machine’s service life; similar statistics are for dryer repairs. A good deal of dryer repairs are necessitated by improper maintenance or a neglect to clean out lint after each use. Since dryers could also be a potential fire hazard, it makes sense to have professional maintenance to avoid costly dryer repairs.

Dishwasher Repairs and Replacement

As dish soaps and other products become better at removing food, dishwashers are requiring less work to keep dishes clean. Like washing machines, constant water exposure takes a toll on the service life of a dishwasher as most should last only around 9 years before homeowners should consider replacement. One out of every five dishwashers are expected to break down and require maintenance within the first three or four years as well. Newer dishwasher models are coming out each year that use less energy and less water; these green dishwashers may also have an extended service life and a limited warranty to help homeowners make a better investment while contributing to the green energy movement.

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