What Is the Most Energy Efficient Window?

Steel windows

In the end, the windows were the deciding factor. You and your husband had narrowed your house search down to two different homes. Both were close to 3000 square feet. Both were in the school district where you wanted your two sons to attend. And both were only 10 years old. Your husband liked the extra room in front of the third stall in the garage in one of the houses. You liked the porch that wrapped around the front and side of the other house. Since neither the garage space nor the porch were deal breakers, you had to look a little closer at other specifics to make your final decision. It was the realtor who kept reminding you that the house with the porch had newly installed steel windows. She recognized the quality of those window products and showed you warranty information and energy statistics from the manufacturer. So, the final decision to purchase your first home was made because of the windows.
Windows in a home provide light and warmth, as well as protection from winter elements and intruders. Purchasing high quality commercial and residential steel windows and doors is one of the best investments homeowners and businesses can make.
For many, the protection that windows provide is their most important function. Every 13 seconds a home break-in is committed and approximately 30% of all these burglaries are through an open or unlocked window or door. Steel framed windows with locks provide protection for you, your family, and your belongings. Steel window manufacturers work with the latest technologies to provide secure, tight fitting products.
Residential steel windows and doors can also provide protection from fire. A contract with the largest and most diversified manufacturer of fire rated windows and doors in America can protect a home in the event of a fire.
In a normal home, 15% to 22% of heat loss occurs through improperly fitted, manufactured, and installed windows. Replacing standard, single-pane windows with Energy Star certified windows, however, can save a household as much as $126 to $465 a year. Initially, windows that are manufactured with low-e coatings typically cost anywhere from 10% to 15% more than regular windows. Making this green investment, however, can reduce energy loss by as much as 30% to 50% a year, and start paying back on your investment immediately.
In addition to providing safety and energy savings, residential steel windows and doors can also provide beauty. The best window manufacturing companies bring high performance and structural excellence together with beauty and style to make every idea a reality. Working with architects nationwide to create custom designs for their applications, the best manufacturer can provide your home or commercial business with windows that will keep you safe, provide security, and save energy.

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