Energy Bill Too High? You Might Need To Install A New Roof

Roof replacement

A house just isn’t complete without a proper roof. It shields you from the elements and keeps in both the cold and the heat during the extreme seasons. When your roof is cracked, starting to leak or isn’t retaining the temperature it used to you might just be in need of a roof replacement. While the installation process sounds expensive and time-consuming, commercial roofing companies offer a variety of materials and services that could see you saving a significant chunk of money down the road.

Types Of Roofing Materials

While your roof keeps the most obvious rain and snow from entering your home, they’re also used to reflect the sun’s rays and maintain your energy usage. Conventional roofing materials have been found to only reflect 5% to 15% of the sun’s rays, which means the rest is absorbed and turned into excess heat for your house. Cooler roofing materials, with deflecting metal pigments, reflect more heat and can even see a decrease in your home’s energy usage by 30%! If you want to go the extra mile and turn that heat into sustainable energy, look no further than solar panels.

Benefits Of Solar Panels

Many people are hopping onto the eco-friendly train and seeking out better ways to save money on everyday essentials. The price of solar panels has seen a 60% drop since 2011, which means it’s never been easier to get your hands on an effective and sustainable roof replacement that recycles the most consistent form of heat around! Solar panels reduce your household’s carbon footprint at an average of 35,000 pounds of carbon dioxide yearly and can save you at least $80 per month on your electric bill.

Installing A New Roof

Roofing contractors can take anywhere from a day to a week to install a new roof depending on the complexity and size of the project. There have been recent incentives to encourage roof replacement — a new cost-saving measure called the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) gives a 30% tax credit to both residential and commercial properties who convert to solar energy within the next year. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy a smaller energy bill, contact your local home remodeling contractors and inquire about their roof replacement services. A better roof not only looks good — it feels good, too!

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