Take Care of the Details So Your Roof Takes Care of You

Residential roofers

A roof over one’s head is considered to be one of humankind’s most basic needs, right behind food and water. Owing a house is a big responsibility. When something breaks (and everything will break at some point), the burden falls on you.

One of the major construction projects that can pop up when owning a home is a roof replacement. Residential roofers will be able to give estimates and timelines, but it is always helpful to have some knowledge of your own so that you can make the best choice. After all, choosing the right roofing materials could lower the home’s energy consumption by 30%.

Saving money is always nice, so long as the finished product does not end up costing you more in the long run. Roofing contractors should be able to give you an estimate of how much the job will cost, with explicit timelines and costs for materials and labor. Residential roofers are likely to have recommendations from roofing material suppliers, if they are in good standing. Home remodeling contractors may seem like jack-of-all-trades, but this is one job that requires reputable, skilled residential roofers who stand by their work.

During your search through the local residential roofers to find the best one for your job, also consider that the materials used will have an enormous impact on future energy bills. When a roof is made with conventional roofing materials, such as wood or asphalt shingles, or ceramic tiles, they absorb between 85 to 95% of the sun’s rays. This makes the entire house much warmer, which is nice in the winter but not as much in the summer.

The other option is to choose a roof made with cooler materials, which can reflect up to 65% of the sun’s heat. When less heat is absorbed, the inside stays cooler, keeping down energy costs. The other plus is that these cooler materials, especially metal, are lighter in weight. This means that the underlying support structure, does not have to bear as much weight of course, resulting in a cost-savings on materials.

The concern with roofs is that we do not really worry about them until there is a leak or other such issue. And a problem with the roof can quickly become a big, expensive problem. Taking the time to choose a good, reputable residential roofer and to choose energy-efficient materials can have a positive long-term affect on your home, and your wallet.

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