The Numbers on Handicap Bathroom Remodeling

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When homeowners think of bathroom remodeling costs, most are likely considering what installing a new sink or upgrading the bathtub might cost. But for Americans with certain physical disabilities a remodeled bathroom is more than a nicer room, it is an improved quality of life. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has strict requirements for accessible public bathrooms that can be applied when remodeling a personal bathroom to be more accessible.


A major factor in bathroom remodel designs for accessibility is the right measurements. The ADA has specific measurements for the height of various appliances so they are easy to use for someone in a wheelchair.

    1. The doorway. A doorway leading from the hallway into the bathroom needs to be at least 36 inches wide to give plenty of room for a wheelchair to turn.

    2. The toilet. A toilet should be 17 to 19 inches tall instead of the standard 15 inches from floor to rim.

    3. Turn-around space. A bathroom needs to be at least 60 inches wide to give a wheelchair enough room to turn around.

    4. The sink. Accessibility isn’t only about making things easier to reach from a wheelchair. For those who need the assistance of a walker, a sink that is 34 inches instead of the usual 31 inches gives more support without excessive bending.

Helpful Additions.

Bathroom remodeling costs need to include the small things, too. Installing handgrip railings inside the bathtub, shower, and near the toilet are necessary safety additions. Sink handles that do not require grasping, or are touch-operated are a good addition to handicap bathrooms. Another consideration is leaving enough room near the toilet to stage a wheelchair.

Ideally, a bathroom would be updated at least once every 20 years. Handicap bathroom remodeling might be required if life circumstances demand it. Because bathrooms can present many difficulties for people with mobility problems, it is important to take into account the necessary adjustments when tallying up future bathroom remodeling costs.

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