What You Need to Know About Choosing Garden Hose Fittings

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If you’re a contractor installing an outdoor water system for a client, then one of the seemingly basic — but actually surprisingly complex — parts you’ll need is a hose fitting or two. Even general consumers are probably acquainted with the most basic hose fitting, a quick-connect fitting that allows the hose to be easily unscrewed and attached elsewhere. But as a professional in the industry, you should know that there are other options, too:

Sizes of Garden Hose Fittings

When it comes to choosing the right valves and fittings for a project, this is the easy part. Since garden hoses tend to be a bit larger than hoses in most plumbing applications, for example, you’ll probably see diameters listed in fractions of an inch (1/2, 3/4, 5/8, etc.). Just be sure you’ve selected a fitting that has the same specifications as the hose in question.

Types of Garden Hose Fittings

This is where you have far more options. Simple male/female connectors are used to attach hoses to spigots and such, but you can also use hose https://sdarcwellness.com/ambien-zolpidem-online-10-mg/ adapters to split hoses off a single water source. Other fittings can be used to adjust the way water flows through a hose (such as compression fittings, which make the water come out of the end of the hose more quickly, making up for low water pressure), or to extend the life of a hose by reinforcing its end (such as a hose mender fitting).

Materials for Hose Fittings

There are plastic, aluminum, steel and brass garden hose fittings. Plastic, obviously, is the cheapest choice. But that shows up in a lack of quality, as well. If you’re looking to give customers a lasting solution, then brass garden hose fittings are your best bet. Just be sure to check the lead content so that the water won’t be contaminated; parts with less than 0.25% lead are now considered to be lead free brass fittings, under the latest policies.

Are you looking for brass flare fittings, compression fittings, splitters or just plain quick-connect fittings? Discuss your favorite products and what you’re looking for in the comments.

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