Floor Coverings What’s Underneath Your Feet Can Make You Money

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Homeowners and prospective buyers have a lot on their plate. So much deciding and planning go into getting a new home. The mortgage process alone can take months — if not years — to complete. When deciding on a home, people place a surprising amount of emphasis on the floor coverings. Why? Because believe it or not, floors offer several advantages to homeowners besides looking pretty.

For example, certain floor coverings can increase the value of your home. The National Association of Realtors found that 54% of home buyers would pay more for a house with a hardwood floor. Hardwood is known for its smoothness, durability, and easy maintenance (and of course its refined looks). Homeowners interested in renovating or selling their homes often consider hardwood floor installation as a lucrative investment. Nearly 90% of homeowners prefer hardwood or tiles in their kitchen, and that’s just one part of the house.

Also, certain carpet and flooring materials are great for the quality of the air inside. A recent study in Sweden found that carpet floors can actually reduce allergen levels in the air. When carpet installation shrunk by 70%, allergic reactions within the general population rose by 30%. Carpet has an innate ability to trap allergens and other particles that would otherwise stay in the air. Homeowners with nasty allergies or stuffy noses should consider carpet designs for their purifying characteristics.

However, if carpet is still not your thing, hard flooring designs are an excellent alternative. In particular, linoleum, a material made up of flax seeds, pine resins, wood flour, cork, and other natural materials, is known for its durability, its easy installation, and that it’s 100% biodegradable. Not only does linoleum look incredible wherever it lay, it’s totally renewable!

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