3 Things to Think About When You’re Considering Hardwood Floors

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If you’re looking at flooring replacements, almost no option can provide the beauty, value and wide appeal of hardwood. In fact, homebuyers are willing to spend, on average, $2,000 more for a home with hardwood flooring. Here are some ideas to consider if you want hardwood floors in your home:

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Refinish

    If you live in home that was renovated between the 1970s and the 1990s, you might be surprised at what could be underneath your ratty carpets: beautiful hardwood floors. Even if the boards look a little rough, it’s highly likely they can be sanded down and stained such that they look like new again. If your home is historic, refinishing rather than replacing hardwoods preserves the quality, character and value of the home, so it’s a good idea to get bids from flooring companies who specialize in historic or high-end refinishing projects.

  2. Planet-Friendly

    If you don’t already have hardwoods in your home and want to renovate with the environment in mind, then you should look at flooring companies that offer green options such as bamboo. Since bamboo is actually a grass, rather than a wood, and grows rapidly even without replanting, it’s considered a sustainable resource. Bamboo flooring, either laid in strips or made into engineered boards, gives the same classic look as hardwood, and can be stained almost any color; its use needn’t be restricted to modern designs. Bamboo’s cost varies depending on the quality of the planks, but low-end bamboo will probably be in the neighborhood of oak flooring when it comes to pricing.

  3. Borders and Inlays

    If you’re laying new hardwoods, your choices aren’t restricted to the width of the boards and the color of the stain: There are many different types of floor designs that can contribute an elegant, European air to your home. Floor inlay designs range from simple borders incorporating darker boards to elaborate herringbone patterns. You can browse flooring companies’ portfolios for ideas if you’re not sure how much is too much for your personal taste. Keep in mind, of course, that floor installation costs will rise for a more work-intensive pattern. But since these patterns are complex and unforgiving, it’s best to invest in a skilled craftsman; as long as you use good materials, the results will last for many years.

What other ideas can you contribute to homeowners considering hardwood flooring? Join the discussion in the comments.

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