Crown Moulding Offers Elegance and Class

Mdf crown moulding

Some crown moulding design styles include plaster crown moulding, wood crown moulding, cornice moulding, various crown moulding styles, and crown moulding designs. A moulding’s purpose is to bring class and sophistication into a house while giving it elegance as well. Crown moulding can be made of a variety of substances including wood, plastic, paper stock, pressed foam, and plaster. They can be simple to very ornately decorated. Usually you will see crown moulding design styles in older classic homes and much newer luxury homes.

So what makes up crown moulding design styles? Crown molding is designed to gracefully flare out to a finished top edge. It is used where the ceiling meets the interior walls, entrance ways, fireplaces, and above windows. The top piece of the moulding that is closest to the ceiling is referred to as the ogee or the architectural term, cyma recta, which means “wave” or “upright.” The bottom piece of the moulding is a decorative strip which gives the moulding its character and is known as the dentil.

Crown moulding design styles can make a space look taller or wider with the use of crown moulding. Some mouldings can be used that project further than the wall and provide the illusion that ceilings are taller than they are. For low ceilings, crown moulding design styles can give the space a sense of elegance. Adding trim moulding design styles to a room can enhance the value of the remodel with fairly low costs. Visit here for more.

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