Three Times You May Need a 24 Hour Electrician for Your Home

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Sometimes, emergencies happen around the home. This can include anything from a power outage to a fire. However, sometimes these things result from a surprising source: the electrical work in our homes. Once the problem has been dealt with by calling a utilities company or emergency response, you’re left to deal with the issue of the electrical wiring in your home. When this occurs, no matter what day or time, you need a 24 hour electrician to help fix your wiring.

What kinds of things can a 24 hour electrician service do? Any certified and licensed electrician will be able to perform repairs, replacements, and upgrades to the electrical wiring and lights in your home. Here are some examples of these electrical services:

1. Electrical malfunctions: Sometimes lights flicker and power goes out because of weather or a bad electrical device, but other times it’s an indicator of something more serious. If you experience any electrical shocks from a power source, or if you smell any burning, it’s best to call a 24 hour electrician to come look at it. Additionally, if anything in your home has ever been the source of an electrical fire, this constitutes a serious emergency. Once the fire is out, call a local electrician.

2. Residential rewires: If your home has an old wiring system, such as one made of aluminum wiring, you may need to have your house rewired or have copper adapters placed on your wires. Other wiring and rewiring jobs may include putting an addition on your house or finishing a basement. If you need the wiring in your home repaired, call an electrician rather than attempting to do it yourself; only a professional should handle electrical work because of the risk of shock, injury, and death.

3. Upgrades: While these aren’t necessarily emergency services, they can be performed by any certified electrician in your area. These upgrades might include recessed LED lighting inside your home or a new outdoor LED lighting display outside. You may also want to swap out a common item like a ceiling fan or light. You might also require something major, like wiring a pool or adding an entire lawn full of landscape lighting. Whether you need simple or complex electrical wiring services, call an electrician.

Have questions about what your local certified electrician can do for you and your home? Be sure to contact an electrician in your area. You can also leave a comment below.

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