The Top Three Questions You Need Answered Before Buying a Retaining Wall

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With home ownership comes great responsibility. Maintaining a home can be a great deal of work, but for some people it just isn’t enough. Some people aspire to home improvement. One way to improve your home is with the installation of a retaining wall; here are three questions you need to have answered before you commit to installing one:

1. What Are Garden Retaining Walls?

Essentially, a retaining wall is a structure that is engineered to hold soil in an unnatural slope. The landscape retaining walls design is to hold a wedge of soil on one side to create a ledge rather than a gentle rising slope between two levels of soil. This is often used as a partition between, for example, a garden and a walkway. Because they are used decoratively, the walls can become very ornate themselves. These decorative retaining walls are often as well designed as the exterior walls of the home they border.

2. What Do Garden Retaining Walls Do?

Clearly retaining walls can be used as a partition, as any wall would, but they have other uses as well. Retaining walls can be used to landscape rather than just separate gardens. Because they hold soil in place, retaining walls can help to eliminate hills and keep various tiers of land more flat and to eliminate sinkholes by preventing the sediment from spilling into the cavity as well as to landscape around the sinkhole to make it less of a hazard.

3. How Much Trouble is it to Get One?

Retaining walls, as far as home renovations go, are not too much of a hassle to acquire. The installation of a wall can take about fifteen to twenty five hundred dollars, depending on the contractor you work with. Once paid for, the wall should take less than twelve hours of labor to install. Then, you’ll have a lovely new fixture to bring your yard together! What do you think about retaining walls? To see more, read this:

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