Make Sure to Take Care of Your Lawn This Summer

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Combined between residential and commercial properties in America, there are about 40.5 acres of lawn. With all of this acreage, it naturally requires plenty of resources to keep these lawns maintained. On an annual basis, about 800 million gallons of fuel, three million tons’ worth of fertilizer, about two billion dollars in pesticides, and as much as 60% of the water supply from American hones are all used for this purpose.

With summer essentially here, you may want to consider professional lawn care and various lawn care tips that you can use this season to keep up with your yard. In order to make your lawn ideal for enjoying the summer months, you may need to invest in dead tree removal. This is certainly the case if the trunk and roots are no longer healthy, because the tree could suddenly fall, posing a risk to safety. For your own well-being as well as that of your family, when you do decide to get rid of a tree, it is wise to hire someone with the proper tree removal equipment to do the job.

Installing a sprinkler system makes sense too, since it can keep the grass from losing too much moisture and dying as a result. It’s up to you to determine wither you want the system to cover the entire lawn or simply one particular spot.

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