Benefits of Building a Luxury Home

Luxury custom home builders

When people say “there’s no time like the present,” they are generally giving very sound advice. And no advice could more applicable than stating it about the housing market. A growing economy, pent-up demand, competitive mortgage rates, and affordable home prices will ensure that the housing market stays on an upward trajectory through 2015. Trending now are people building their own modern luxury homes, with new-home sales numbers increasing 29% in 2013. So what are the benefits of custom home building, as opposed to buying used?

Low maintenance: Custom home designs aren’t just for aesthetic reasons, people build their own homes in order to reap the benefits of having little to no repair costs in the first few years. Hardwoods, carpet, siding — these new features won’t need much money investment any time soon.
Site selection: Still want that dream luxury home on the water? Building new ensures you’ll be able to pick not just the design, but the site. Most modern luxury homes are being built near walking trails and open spaces.
Amenities: This is where the fun begins. Custom home interiors are one of the main reasons people are building new instead of buying old. With built-in appliances, central air-conditioning, and more electrical outlets as options, the sky is the limit with how many features (multi-media, anyone?) you can include in your new home.

Options: Not digging the lime green linoleum kitchen tiles in the house you just saw? Building a new home allows you to not only pick your floor tiles, but also your entire kitchen layout. Pick a style, a theme, or a mood you want to invoke — the housing architect will be more than happy to meet your needs.

Energy efficiency:Modern luxury homes wouldn’t be “modern” if there wasn’t some form of energy efficiency included. More and more home builders are looking to save pennies on heating, cooling, and electrical costs. Energy efficient windows and better building materials ensure you won’t be paying extra to heat the outdoors in the winter months.

Home buyers planning to build a brand new house often cite energy efficiency, an open layout, a warranty, and being able to select appliances, flooring, paint colors and other design elements as factors driving their choice. There is no other time than now to look into building modern luxury homes — you may end up saving more money in the long run! For more about this, go here.

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