What to Do About Mold in Your Home

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It’s every homeowner’s fear: faulty electric wiring starts a fire in your living room, causing thousands of dollars of damage and destroying your possessions. Or perhaps a frozen pipe bursts and you need to call in someone to perform water damage cleanup. Of all the terrible, expensive things that could happen to your home and put your family in danger, one of the most dangerous of all is a silent, usually hidden culprit: black mold.

Home incidents happen at a frightening rate every year: for example, in 2011, there were around 374,000 house fires in the United States. But fire is an overt threat, and easily repaired by either a fire and water damage restoration or reconstruction. Mold, however, is harder to spot. It only grows to about the thickness of a few dollar bills on any given surface, and because mold usually prefers the damp and the dark, is often hard to find. And even if you find mold, there are tens of thousands of mold fungi species, including black mold. It is impossible to determine whether mold is Stachybotrys, the toxic black mold, is to go through a professional black mold remediation process. But black mold can cause extremely dangerous health issues, and if you find mold in your home, it is best to call in a mold remediation team rather than risk coming down with black mold symptoms.

Once you’ve discovered water damage and mold, it is important to call in both a water damage cleanup service and a mold remediation service. You may be tempted to deal with the problem on your own, but mold removal and water damage cleanup are best left to certified professionals: cleaning water damage must be done properly or it can lead to more mold developing, and while mold remediation products exist, implements such as bleach will not actually remove mold, only kill and de-colorize it. This means that the mold could still potentially affect you and your family.

Residential and commercial cleaning services may seem like an unnecessarily expensive method of removing black mold and dealing with the affects of water damage; and understandably so, as discovering water damage and mold can be a stressful and expensive process. However, if you want to ensure the safety of your family, your friends, your pets, and yourself, it is important that your water damage cleanup and residential mold remediation be handled by professionals who can ensure that the damage is handled safely. While damage to your home might be your worst nightmare, the aftermath of damage can be be worse: handle it properly with the help of water damage and mold remediation experts.

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