The Magnificent Beauty of Terrazzo Flooring and Countertops

Terrazzo flooring restoration

When it comes to flooring terrazzo floors are hard to beat in terms of durability, ease of maintenance, and beauty. Additionally, to terrazzo flooring, many homeowners are discovering the beauty and durability or terrazzo countertops. Whatever attracts you to terrazzo floor designs, the top terrazzo flooring contractors can provide terrazzo floor installation that will retain its aesthetic appeal for as long as you own your home, and beyond.

If you are at all knowledgeable about architectural or history, you may realize that terrazzo flooring is named after the municipality of Terrazzo, Italy, which is located approximately 50 miles Southwest of Venice. For whatever, when a group of Venetian construction workers invented terrazzo, they chose to name it after a place 50 miles away rather than simply calling it “Venetian stone,” or something of that nature. Perhaps one of these workers was from Terrazzo and won the right to name it.

Regardless of how its name was designated, when it comes to options in flooring terrazzo has become the material of choice for both commercial building projects and upscale residential homes. As mentioned above, the easy of cleaning terrazzo is a considerable advantage, but it is the combination of beauty and durability of terrazzo that is the real attraction. While terrazzo floors are certainly not cheap, the beauty, durability, ease of cleaning makes poured terrazzo flooring ideal for countertops, as well.

According to recent statistics, terrazzo flooring lasts an average of 75 years, which means few homeowners will ever have to worry about investing in replacement floor ever again. It is also highly resistant to excess moisture, and can be cleaned with a standard broom and a mop.

There are a lot of flooring options out there, but if you are looking for the very best in durability and beauty, you should probably consider terrazzo flooring. Of course, you will not have to spend hours cleaning it, either.

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