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Furniture has been a part of the human experience ever since the development of non nomadic cultures. Since that time it has been an important part of civilization. Here are some interesting facts about furniture through the ages.
The furniture of the Middle Ages was usually made of oak, heavy and ornamented with carved design. In the 1700s, many homes featured a large room with only one chair for the head of the household, and the reason we have the word “chairman”. The world table is derived from the Latin word “tabula”, meaning a board, plank, or a flat piece. And finally, Charles Darwin essentially invented the modern office chair after he added wheels to an arm chair allowing him to get around his studio faster.
As most of us are aware, furniture is a large investment so we want to keep our pieces in good shape. So, here are a few furniture maintenance tips to help keep our investments attractive.
If you have leather furniture, furniture maintenance tips say that you should keep the leather as clean as possible at all times. Dust regularly using a damp cloth or leather cleaning and condition products.
Vacuum upholstered furniture regularly to keep dust away, as well as any food or trapped dirt. Furniture maintenance tips indicated that this prevents grime and dirt from settling into the fibers.
Rotate cushions regularly to keep them plump and firm. Another furniture maintenance tips indicate that you should not wash cushion covers as this can cause shrinking or fading of these furniture material types.
Another one of the furniture maintenance tips says that you should try to keep your furniture away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. You should also avoid putting items like newspapers on your furniture to avoid discoloring or staining the furniture.
Furniture maintenance tips also say to clean wood furniture or English furniture styles with a high quality furniture polish available from furniture stores to protect fro abrasions and scratches. This will also eliminate dust accumulation, which can soften furniture and cause permanent damage.
By following these furniture maintenance tips, you will be able to enjoy your lovely furniture for many years. Learn more.

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