Preventing Repetitive Strain and Overuse Injuries

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Did you know that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 177,580 workers suffered from back injuries in 2012? Improper lifting, overuse, repetitive strain, and more can drastically increase the likelihood of muscles aches, strains, and sprains in the workplace. Staying safe, and avoiding permanent, life-altering injuries and stacks of medical bills, often depends on simple, straightforward tools and equipment.

Swivel Casters and Leveling Feet

Some of the most common occupational injuries can be avoided with simple tools and equipment. The BLS reveals that repetitive strain injuries “account for one in four lost-time injuries and illnesses.” Improper lifting is also a popular culprit; in fact, in 2012, improper lifting was partially responsible for 340,900 reported sprains, strains, and tears. Swivel casters, for example, drastically reduce the likelihood of RSIs and improper lifting by allowing workers to easily transport heavy equipment and parts using a wheel attached to a fork. Swivel casters are available in a number of different materials and styles, and some are specially designed to withstand frequent use and/or sudden impact.

Swivel or wheeled leveling feet offer similar conveniences. Swivel leveling feet enable employees to efficiently transport heavy equipment; they also offer the added benefit of allowing workers to use and stabilize equipment and parts on uneven surfaces.

P Clamps

Common occupational injuries and illnesses however, are not confined to lifting, overuse, and repetitive strain. Workers are also fairly likely to be struck by unstable or insecure objects. Keeping objects temporarily or permanently secure, then, can drastically influence workers’ safety. Heavy-duty manual clamps, including pneumatic or p clamps, squeeze action clamps, horizontal hold down claims, precision clamping, and more. Some clamps withstand especially large loads, or use air to create pressure and lock objects into place. Manufacturers may also want to consider using industrial handles and t knobs to keep production safe.

Repetitive strain, improper lifting, and overuse are some of the most common workplace accidents and injuries. Keep employees healthy and able to work using simple tools, such as swivel casters, leveling feet, and clamps, to reduce strains, aches, and impacts. Ger more information on this topic here.

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