Is Dangerous Stachybotrys Lurking in Your Home?

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When a home has experienced water damage, the consequences can be costly and harmful to your health. This is not only due to the direct damage caused by the water, but by the possible growth of stachybotrys. Stachybotrys is the name for the spores that will eventually become toxic black mold. Since the growth of harmful black mold thrives in areas where there is dampness and humidity, black mold is commonly found in basements and crawlspaces. The best way to know if a home has toxic black mold is to enlist the services of experts in mold inspection Hollywood FL.

Companies that offer mold inspection Hollywood FL can use their expertise to find out if a home is infected with stachybotrys, as well as be able to find a solution for the problem. If the water damage Hollywood FL is significant, it might be possible for homeowners to secure a mold abatement, which will allow them to receive reduced taxes related to the mold removal. This is very important because many homeowners policies do not cover any costs related to flooding, including mold remediation.

If a homeowner sees something that he or she believes is toxic black mold, he or she must never try to remove the mold on his or her own. Only experienced and trained professionals who perform mold inspection Hollywood FL, water restoration companies, or mold remediation services will possess the knowledge and equipment to remove and dispose of the wretched mold properly. Read more about this topic at this link.

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