How Light and Color Can Make or Break a Room

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I cannot emphasize the importance of choosing the colors in your home carefully enough. Colors can help make a body energetic when it needs it, or it can help calm us in a space that we might want to take a nap in. Worse, the wrong colors can make us uncomfortable and uneasy in the wrong space with the wrong light. Using the wrong colors and misusing light could make your home feel like the set of a horror movie, too.

Painters and decorators can help create a real home out of your living space. Through the use of color, light and space, painters and decorators can create the mood you need. I hope by the time you finish reading this that you will feel an urgent need to make your home more comfortable by looking up, say, “painters and decorators south london” or so.

Firstly, they can help you color coordinate your home.

Some colors look great together, while others look horrific. If your mood wants something reddish, or earthy, they can help you out by finding earthy colors that work well with red. Your results from “Painters and decorators south London” can recreate the colors you already have and want to keep, and then make a palette to work with based on the existing colors.

Secondly, they know how light is going to affect the room.

Depending on which was the room faces, decorators know whether or not to use a brighter color, or to use warmer colors or cooler colors. For example, when painting an east facing room, you need to consider that the sun will rise right through the window, so you should not paint anything that sunlight will make too bright or vivid first thing in the morning. The results for “painters and decorators South London” will be able to help you figure out your light problems.

Thirdly, you can create a mood with the right paint.

The folks you will find in the google list of “painters and decorators south London” will know their color theory and the ways it can suit a room. Colors make us feel things, and sometimes those are the things we will want to feel more in the kitchen rather than in our bedrooms. For example, blue is a cool, calming color, and is popular for kitchens and bathrooms. Whereas yellow is bright, energetic and attention grabbing and would work well in a hallway or a kitchen.

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