Look for Quality, Not Just Price, When Picking an HVAC Company

Heating and air repair

With summer lagging behind the lingering cold in the Northeast, you may not think it is time to think about air conditioning, but you can never be sure which way the weather will turn. If you already have central heating and air conditioning, you will want to check the filter, because clogged HVAC filters can cause poor air quality. You will also want to look into having your entire unit inspected to ensure that it is in working condition. If you have several indoor air conditioners, you can clean the filters on your own easily.

But if you are tired of having indoor air conditioners, and you are considering having a new heating and air conditioning system installed, it would be beneficial to spend time researching the best HVAC companies in your area. Not every company will be right for you, and you will want to locate one that meets your heating and cooling expectations.

Here are a three tips on picking an HVAC company for your house.

  1. Licensure — When you look through the list of possible HVAC companies, you will want to inquire about each company’s licensure. HVAC certification is a requirement for most technicians, and you have the right to ask if a company’s workers have proper HVAC certification. Becoming an HVAC technician involves taking an accredited HVAC training course, passing a certification exam, and sometimes, working in an apprenticeship with a professional HVAC company. Also, handling refrigerants in a cooling system requires additional certification. A company that has fully licensed technicians will be your best bet.
  2. Get Quotes — It is easy to settle for the first company you see that looks reputable, but it is important to get quotes from more than one to maximize your savings. Depending on the size of your house, if you have already have existing duct work, or if a company has to replace an older unit, the price of central air installation will vary. A house more than 2,000 square feet might require either a two or three ton cooling unit, which will also affect the cost. According to HomeAdvisor.com, the average cost of HVAC installation is rougly $3,000. By obtaining a few quotes, you will be able to identify the best deal.
  3. Check References — While you can find an great indoor air conditioner by simply heading out to a Walmart or Target, a central system will need a little more digging. One of the best ways to find about the quality of a company is to ask them for references, and try to speak to other customers they have recently served. You could also talk to family or friends that have installed these systems, and use one of these companies, granted your acquaintances were happy with the service. You will also likely hear a more honest opinion from people you know.

Keeping your house feeling comfortable this summer will be critical, especially since the Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting extremely hot and sticky weather this time around. So do not wait to get your cooling system installed or checked; staying cool is of paramount importance in the coming months. Find out more here.

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