Four Facts about Burglary and Break-ins to Know Before Contacting a Locksmith Service

There are several instances when you need to contact a door locksmith. It, however, takes the best professional to offer the best locksmith services. Is there a lock opener service near me? To find out where to get a door locksmith in your local area, ask for recommendations from relatives and friends.

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Comments from clients who have received the services before can tell you a lot about the services received. With that, you can separate a good locksmith from ordinary service providers. Do not settle for shoddy work in the internet age.

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It happens to us all: we lock our keys in our cars, or we need locks replaced on the front doors of our houses. For some of us, sometimes more unfortunate circumstances arise, such as getting your home broken into or losing your keys. Fortunately, many areas have locksmith services available for your home and car to help you in those times of need. Whether you require an automotive locksmith or someone who works on commercial and residential properties, there are plenty of emergency locksmith services to choose from.

Before you call a locksmith, here are some interesting facts about locksmiths and burglaries that may help you decide which locksmith service is right for you.

1. Before a locksmith can work in their trade, they must complete an apprenticeship. During their apprenticeships, locksmiths are trained to duplicate any key. This is great news for those of us who are absent-minded and lose them or who may need extra house keys cut for relatives, friends, or tenants. Locksmiths also construct and repair locks and may specialize in areas such as automotive locks, security devices and safes, and other, more high-tech systems in order to prevent your home, car, or valuables from being broken into.

2. Lock picking is a common break-in method, where the lock is opened with a small device that pushes up the pins in a tumbler lock in a certain order to mimic the movements of a key. The first “jimmy-proof” lock was invented in 1916, meaning that it was unable to be picked by a potential burglar. It was invented by a former New York City police officer named Samuel Segal, who holds over 25 patents as well. These sorts of locks are perfect to have installed by a locksmith if you live somewhere with a high crime rate.

3. On average, burglaries in the United States occur once every 14.6 seconds. As of 2012, that’s an estimated 5,400 burglaries per day, which works out to just under two million per year! Given how often these crimes occur, it is highly likely that it will happen to many of our homes and cars at least once. Knowing where to find a locksmith in the event of a break-in is incredibly useful.

4. However, although burglaries can occur in locked homes and car, the FBI states that in the United States, 33.2% of break-ins are actually unlawful entries through unlocked doors and windows. That’s right–leaving your home unlocked is practically an invitation for criminals to enter, and an unlocked car is likely to be hot-wired and stolen or have valuables taken out of it. If you have locks in your home that need replacing, don’t risk it by leaving your doors and windows unlocked! Call a locksmithing service today to prevent the loss of your valuables and to protect your family. Helpful sites:

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