When Your Dryer Does Not Dry Laundry

Wet laundry always needs to be dried before it’s worn again. In times past, laundry was typically hung on clothes lines and allowed to dry with exposure to the warm air and hot sun, and in some cases, this is still done today. For the most part, though, automatic dryers are used in American homes and apartments alike, and a dryer is often found right alongside the washing machine itself. Both are metallic gray or white metal boxes where laundry is put in and taken back out, and are often considered together. A room will typically have the washer and dryer right next to each other, and this may be taken for granted. But problems might come up. A dryer not drying is an issue, and no one wants to find their laundry still damp when they open up the dryer. The dryer vent duct might be clogged or damaged, and dryer duct cleaning may be necessary. Some homeowners may wonder “why is my dryer not drying?” and may in fact look up th

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