Do You Need a Plumber?

This has not been a quite week.
At the beginning of the week, however, you were looking forward to morning coffees with several of your friends. Monday you were going to get to spend time with a friend from work where you retired three years ago; Tuesday was going to be with two mothers of your younger daughter’s best friends; and Thursday was going to be coffee with ladies from church.
Late Sunday night, however, all of those relaxing plans began to fall apart. Some leaky pipes that you were unaware of had caused a problem that eventually traveled from the second floor to the ceiling of the family room. It was lucky that you even noticed the problem when you did. The family was all in bed and you thought you heard something on the deck, so you had walked downstairs to investigate. In the process of checking that noise and discovering that things were okay, you walked into the family room to fold up a couple blankets that had been left out from the Sunday family movie night. On

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