4 Common Types of Septic Tank Problems

To get rid of waste, homes utilize wastewater systems. Research from the EPA found that there are over 4 billion gallons of wastewater dispersed below the surface of the ground each day. Considering that, septic tanks are responsible for a large amount of wastewater disposal. One study found that almost 25% of homes throughout the United States depend on a septic tank to dispose of wastewater. Therefore, it’s wise to learn what can cause these tanks to stop working properly. By learning about these problems, you’ll understand how to avoid them. Here are four common types of septic tank problems.

  1. Overloading Your Septic Tank

    Most septic systems are often able to hold about two days of wastewater. With that in mind, you can encounter problems if you’re using too much water. When this happens, your tank doesn’t have enough time to bre

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