When Was the Last Time You Had to Pay for HVAC Repairs?

Like clock work.
The principals and administrators are all dressed in the school district issues t-shirts, the classrooms are almost ready for students, and the parents are ready to send their children back to school. Unfortunately, in two of the elementary buildings the trucks of HVAC contractors are filling parts of the parking lots. Without fail, and in spite of the many preparations that are made throughout the summer, the hottest days of the summer occur during those first days of school. And like clock work, at least one building struggles to keep up with the demand on the air conditioning.
Fortunately, HVAC contractors are always prepared with service technicians who can work around the clock if needed to complete the needed repairs. In fact, AC services are often needed on late nights, weekends, and many other times when parents, teachers, and others depend on the cool air that is needed to remain comfortable.
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