Three Improvements and Details to Keep in Mind When Remodeling a Home


When it comes to remodeling a home, many people know they want to make changes and improvements, they just aren’t sure which ones would be most beneficial. Sometimes working on the home involves an overall redesign, and other times it might just be changing a couple of things. This could be adding a feature to a room or putting in a new appliance. Homeowners that are unsure of what kinds of changes to make can consult with friends, or even find out what new trends are popular on the market, so they can upgrade to make the home more appealing to buyers. Below are three improvements that any homeowner can make to increase the value and buyer demand on their home.

Adding Rooms Can Be Beneficial When Trying to Sell a Home and Can Increase the Value of Older Homes

When doing renovations to change up the look of a home, many individuals find that adding a room can bring many benefits. The best rooms to add would be an additional bathroom (either full or half) or to finish an attic or basement and make it into more of a living space. Doing so increases the likelihood that the home will sell, increasing the property value to over 70%. For anyone looking to sell their home quickly and at a higher price, this is the fastest way to ensure the house will move and the owners can command a high price to recoup what they put in to remodeling it.

Making Changes to a Bathroom is One of the Quickest and Most Effective Ways to Remodel a Home

When trying to make improvements to a home and remodeling, there are many things that can be done to improve the quality of a bathroom. For example, many individuals add glass shower stalls or walk-in showers to drive up a house’s value. Over 75% of homeowners enjoy using this method and report great success with it. Other popular options for the bathroom also included putting in toliets that were energy efficient, to show potential buyers how the home was green and environmentally friendly. Over 90% home owners have found this to be useful. Even if a redesign of the main bathroom is not in the cards, 60% of individuals claimed that remodeling their master bathroom was their first choice. The bottom line: as long as improvements are made to one of the full bathrooms, it has been found to increase the likelihood of the home selling and the owners getting additional money since the room had recent improvements made upon it.

Adding Hardwood Floors Can be a Major Benefit When Trying to Do Remodeling in Order to Sell

If homeowners aren’t sure how they can improve the look of their current home, hardwood floors might be a logical choice. By taking out any carpeting and putting hardwood floors in, this can be ideal in trying to sell the room as an office type setting. It is also helpful for someone who has allergies and cannot deal with the dust and allergens that carpets are prone to collecting. In fact, over 50% of individuals who are interested in buying a home have said that they are willing to pay a higher price for a home that has hardwood floors. While adding hardwood floors to one room is a benefit, hiring contractors to come in and do a complete redesign can be useful. Many people don’t like having to deal with the constant cleaning a carpet requires. Once a contractor comes in to tear out the carpet and put floors in, many new buyers are satisfied and feel no need to make changes.

There are many ways to change the look of a home. Adding or finishing a room can make any house seem more complete. Even just making changes to the bathroom and adding appliances that are more efficient can be a major factor in increasing the value and price of the house. Finally, hardwood floors are becoming more desired among buyers. Even just having one or two rooms with hardwood floors will be a major component in selling a home as quickly while still getting a return for the money spent on remodeling.

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